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Guy Sternberg

Guy Sternberg is an arborist, tree consultant, writer, lecturer, and photographer from Illinois. A cultivator and studier of trees since 1952, Guy currently maintains his own research arboretum, Starhill Forest, with his wife, Edie, where they grow more than 500 taxa of woody plants.

Guy served on the staff of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for thirty-two years and received the Honor Award for outstanding service. He was the first president of the International Oak Society and is a life member of the International Dendrology Society, the International Society of Arboriculture, and American Forests.

A frequent lecturer for horticultural and natural resource organizations, Guy works for the preservation of historical trees and as a tree consultant for the city of Springfield, Illinois. He has provided magazine articles and photographs for publications American Nurseryman, Arborist News, Garden Gate, American Horticulturist, American Gardener, and Fine Gardening.

Guy holds the official oak genus Quercus living reference collection for North America, recognized by the North American Plant Preservation Council.

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