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Gary Dunlop

Gary Dunlop is a practicing architect. He has an enthusiastic interest in a wide range of plants, with an emphasis on Asiatic, Southern Hemisphere, and woodland plants. He has put together significant collections of many unusual and neglected as well as common genera, ranging from South African sun lovers through antipodean alpines to moisture- and shade-loving plants, mostly from the Northern Hemisphere. The collections of plants provide year-round interest, with something in flower every day of the year. Gary received no formal training in botany or horticulture, other than from the most effective master, experience. His interest in gardening developed with making a previous half-acre garden from scratch, which soon become too small. He now gardens informally on a 3-acre plot on an exposed hilltop that has relatively shallow, lightly acid soil, with intrusions of the underlying dolerite forming natural rock features. The garden is located in County Down, Northern Ireland, just above Newtownards at the northern end of Strangford Lough, where a surprising diversity of plants thrive despite, at times, the climate. His time is also spent actively researching many of the genera that he has collected, particularly those which are not well covered in horticultural or even botanical literature. He has had published a number of articles on a diverse range of plants.

Books by Gary Dunlop