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Frederick W. Case Jr.

The late Frederick W. Case, Jr., and his wife, Roberta, were partners in delightful plant adventures for some four decades. Hardy explorers, they trekked through swamps and woodlands to see and photograph each of the North American Trillium species in the wild. They also grew all the American Trillium species and three of the Asiatic species in their experimental gardens in Saginaw, Michigan. This book is the culmination of their expertise in growing trilliums.

For many years Fred was an adjunct research investigator at the University of Michigan Botanical Gardens. Roberta was a teacher, field biologist, plant hybridizer, and orchid breeder. Fred was also a lifetime fellow of the Cranbrook Institute of Science and wrote books on orchids of the Great Lakes region and wild flowers of the Northeast. The North American Rock Garden Society honored him with both the Edgar T. Wherry Award and the Carlton R. Worth Award, for the contribution his numerous articles and books made on the subject of plants.

Awards for Frederick W. Case Jr.

  • American Society of Plant Taxonomists - Peter H. Raven Scientific Outreach Award
  • Arthur Hoyt Scott Garden and Horticultural Award

Books by Frederick W. Case Jr.

  • Trilliums by Frederick W. Case, Jr. and Roberta B. Case