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Donald E. Schnell

Donald E. Schnell is a pathologist and a dedicated naturalist. His fieldwork on carnivorous plants spans over forty years; he has published over thirty papers in refereed botanical journals as well as many popular articles on his favorite subjects. He was a founding coeditor (with J. A. Mazrimas) of the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter and is a member of several botanical societies.

A native of Ohio, he received his medical education at Ohio State University College of Medicine. After completing his residency in pathology and serving as a physician in the U.S. Army, he established his practice in North Carolina.

Dr. Schnell continues to avidly pursue his interest in the carnivorous plants of the continent, traveling and photographing in the company of his wife, Brenda. He lives and works in Pulaski, Virginia.

Books by Donald E. Schnell