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Diana M. Miller

Diana Miller has been a horticultural botanist whose work with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) spans three decades. From 1979 she was Keeper of RHS Herbarium, where she developed and maintained the world's only herbarium dedicated to cultivated plants. She also served as Secretary for the Hardy Woody Plant Committee of the RHS and was a founding member and Secretary of the Horticultural Taxonomy Group. Over the years she has written, edited, and contributed to a range of horticultural publications, including The Garden magazine and a book on Pelargoniums (Batsford Press, 1996). Diana holds a BA in Botany from the University of Manchester and an MSc in Microbiology from Wellesley College. Recently retired from the RHS, she lives in Hampshire, England.

Awards for Diana M. Miller

  • Associateship of Honour

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