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David S. MacKenzie

David MacKenzie owns and operates Hortech in Spring Lake, Michigan one of the country's largest and most progressive wholesale ground cover nurseries. By 1993, the business had 34 greenhouses on 15 acres. Hortech specializes in perennial ground covers, grasses, and vines, distributing them throughout Michigan and other states.

When he was just out of college, David discovered and registered the new Ottawa weeping white pine in a homeowner's backlot. He has since reproduced the tree using the grafting method. He has been hybridizing, photographing, researching, lecturing on ground covers, and generally creating plant magic since 1983.

David has written several articles for American Nurseryman. He also speaks about landscape photography, native plants, and plant research and ecology, as well as his love of ground covers and gardening in Michigan (zone 5). His audiences includes master gardeners, serious amateur gardeners, landscape contractors, designers, architects, and horticulture educators.

He also has many athletic hobbies including fishing, hunting, tennis, volleyball, water-skiing, skiing, and basketball.

Books by David S. MacKenzie