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David J. Mabberley

David J. Mabberley, a former dean of Oxford's Wadham College, has recently joined the staff at University of Washington as the Director of the Center for Urban Horticulture and Seattle's Washington Park Arboretum. He holds the Orin and Althea Soest Chair in Horticultural Science, and was the 2004 recipient of the American Society of Plant Taxonomists' Peter H. Raven Scientific Outreach Award.

He is an internationally renowned plant systematist and botanical historian whose botanical interests are wide-ranging and include economic botany, the tropical flora, systematics, and botanical art history

In 2006 he was awarded the Linnean Medal for Botany, and in his own words seeks "to understand and to explain to others the intricate relationships between plants and the human animal in terms of their interactions, biological and cultural, on the one hand, and the human perception of the plant world in terms of classification systems both morphological and systematic, on the other."

Awards for David J. Mabberley

  • Linnean Society Gold Medal

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