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Charles B. Heiser

Charles B. Heiser is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Botany at Indiana University, Bloomington. Since 1947 he has observed the weeds in "his garden," the Botany Experimental Field at the university, about which he feels rather possessive because he has grown plants there longer than anyone. His studies of sunflowers led to his interest in natural hybridization, domesticated plants, and weeds. He has served as president of the Botanical Society of America, Society for the Study of Evolution, Society for Economic Botany, and American Society of Plant Taxonomists, and he is a member of the National Academy of Sciences. He is also the author of Nightshades, The Sunflower, The Gourd Book, Of Plants and People, and Seed to Civilization.

Awards for Charles B. Heiser

  • American Society of Plant Taxonomists - Peter H. Raven Scientific Outreach Award

Books by Charles B. Heiser