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Carol W. Hall

Norm and Carol Hall share a lifelong passion for plants and gardening in the Pacific Northwest, which has been their home and inspiration for a combined total of 116 years.

In their many years as a couple, Norm and Carol have gardened extensively and organically in the Willamette Valley, along the Columbia River, on Vancouver Island, and on the Gulf Islands. Between them, they are familiar with gardening conditions in southern Oregon, Puget Sound, on the lower slopes of the Cascades, and along the Pacific Coast.

Separately and together, they have contributed over 200 articles on both gardening and non-gardening topics to major magazines, including Canadian Gardening, Canadian Homes and Cottages, Gardens West, and The Beaver (Canada's History Magazine). In the United States, their work has been featured in Horticulture and Open Spaces (Views from the Northwest).

Norm and Carol enjoy animals, music, history, classic British cars, and reading.

Books by Carol W. Hall